Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Margashira Krishna Trayodashi : Sri Dayanidhi Theertharu Aaradhane

YathigaLu :
Sri Dayanidhi Theertharu

Punya dina : Margashira Krishna Trayodashi
Mutt / Parampare : Sri Sripadaraja Mutt
Pontiff # : 33
Duration : 1926-62
Predecessor: Sri Medha Nidhi Theertharu
Successor : Sri Satya Nidhi Theertharu
Brindavana : Mulbagal

Dhyana Shloka
mEdhAnidhi karAbjOtaM vYasatraya prapAtakaM |
dayAnidhiM guruM vaMdE bhaktyAdi guNamandiraM ||

1) He was a very learned person with great skills in Veda, Shastra, apart from English. He was working at Sub Registrar Office in his poorvasharama.
2) He had a great retention ability and never opened the book for the second time
3) His episode of Sudha Mangala (graduation ceremony) at Tiruchanoor Sabha with Sri Satya Dhyana Theertharu is a "must tell" story where the examiners were put to test. He was fecilitated by the UM SrigaLu during this.
4) One of his miracles is still existing at Chikkanayakana Halli, where he was transferred. There was a dispute on well water which was at Vishnu Temple and they did not allow Shiva Temple Archakas to fetch water He got a new well dug at Shiva temple upon which all the water from the other well came into this. Today its called "Sub Registrar Dwaipayanacharyara Bhavi"
5) He was also an expert in Mathematics - Trignometry and Logarithms, He used to teach many students for their BSc exams
6) During his time, Sri Satya Pramoda Theertharu had visited Mulbagal and there was a big celebration conducted.

Sri Dayanidhi Theertha returned to Mulbagal after finishing the ceremony of his guru in Erode. Unlike his guru he did not travel anywhere after taking over the Mutt. He spent most of his time in Mulbagal only.

Before taking over the Mutt he had studied English and Law in Presidency college of Madras. He was working as a sub-registrar for some time too. He had exemplary religious knowledge also.

His memory power increased with his age. At the age of 82, his used to teach many of his disciples without any flaw. Due to ill health and increasing age he nominated Sri Hebbani Krishnamurthacharya as his successor in 1955 and named him as Sir Satyanidhi Theertha. He meditated for several years and in 1962 he was immortalised in Brindavan on Margashira shudha trayodashi.

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