Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Margashira Krishna Amavasye : Sri Jita Mitra Theerthara Aradhane

YathigaLu : Sri Jita Mitra Theertharu

Punya dina : Margashira Krishna Amavasye
Mutt / Parampare : SRS Mutt
Pontiff # : 11
Duration : 1490-93
Predecessor : Sri Vibhudendra Theertharu
Successor : Sri Raghunandana Theertharu
Brindavana : Jitamitra Gedde
River : Bheema

Dhyana Shloka
saptha rAthram krishNavENyoum ushithvA punarutthithaM |
jitAmitra guruM vaMdE vibhudEndra karOdhbhavaM ||

1) Poorvashrama name - Sri Ananthappa who was identified, pickeup, blessed by Sri Vibhudendraru.
2) Once when he was taking a class for his students, in the same place between Krishna river, there was a flood on which everybody fled the place except him, after receeding, they found Sri Jitamitraru was not even wet.
3) Later he chose the same place to be his anthima Sthala, and he is believed to have got disappeared.

More information: http://www.jitamitra.org/

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